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Samhain. Day of Remembrance. Halloween.

Growing up Black in the South, we weren't allowed to participate in Halloween because it was labeled as 'the Devil's day' by most pastors, preachers and nosy church folk within a 50 mile radius.  That was the test of truth.  Because no one challenged the ass-backward...

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And Then The Women Came.

Often the moments that completely shift who we are, are not those moments that come parading back into our memories like an elephant train.  Often the moments that completely shift who we are, whisper ‘Remember Me…’ as they slip by nearly unnoticed.  Often the moments...

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Big Magic!

From the moment we enter into to the public school system (for those of us fortunate to be enlightened by this glorious US institution), we are poked and prodded with the question of ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ And thus begins our conditioning.  What...

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Out of this World!

LEAF Community Arts - a nonprofit organization based in Asheville, North Carolina - brought together a group of fifteen journeyers from February 13th to 21st to travel to Costa Rica's indigenous communities. LEAF Community Arts ("LEAF") has a mission to connect...

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Hello! I'm Cortina Jenelle and it has taken me nearly 13 years to get back to my writing and slowly give myself permission to express myself in this way. Growing up in a household where you should be seen and not heard, and keep your thoughts tucked away inside didn't celebrate my early love of words and writing. Finally, I have rekindled the connection to my true love - writing. In addition to all the other work that I do, as shown on this site, writing and reading are my true lifelines. I enjoy reading self-help, fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, adventure, plays, and poetry to name a few! I had the honor of having a piece included in the 2017 di-vêrsé-city Anthology published by the Austin International Poetry Festival..always seeking more opportunities to write, connect and be inspired!
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