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Creative Facilitation

Invite perspective from your organization, business, team or community together for an action-oriented dialogue held with intention and play. 

Branding & Design

Bring your website, branding and messaging into alignment with your authentic vision and mission with a special focus on connecting with Millennials.

Leadership & Systems

Gain next level impact by developing the people and systems that keep your business/organization flowing – from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

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“From the first inquiry through completion of the workshop, Cortina was extremely professional, engaging, timely, and prepared. Her design of “The Collective Story of LEAF” was created to be a workshop that continues inspiring and informing the staff even after the workshop was completed. Her style is ingenious and fully interactive in a fresh energizing style. In one workshop, she brought forward immense depth from each participant, and then weaves us all together at the same time connecting us to the organization.” Jennifer Pickering

Founder & Executive Director, LEAF

“Cortina participated in a 14 day intensive facilitation training with me in 2015.  In that time I saw how she is able to stand her own ground with quiet yet potent conviction, how willing she is to face her own fears, and most of all how she can hold space for a group with a deep connection to both her own creativity and the needs of each individual. If you are looking to deepen your authenticity, self-reflection and sense of purpose I believe Cortina can help you.” Nadia Chaney

Author & Facilitator, PYE Global

“Cortina Caldwell is a dynamic community leader, expert facilitator and overall wunderkind. She can be counted on to provide leadership on a project, curriculum development for a program, or facilitation for group.” Timothy Sadler

Fund Developer, Vets2Vets

“Cortina has brought unique and necessary wisdom to our work at Mycelium. She has engaged with us as a facilitator, a branding consultant and a creative strategist. She offers a powerful blend of experience, knowledge and intuition that is rare and deeply appreciated. The more we get to work with Cortina, the more excited we are about finding other projects to collaborate on.” Matthew Abrams

Co-Founder, Mycelium School

“…a nice reminder of why we’re doing what we’re doing. Needless to say, very appreciative of her (Cortina’s) work so far and look forward to the future for the community there in Asheville.” Andy Fyfe

Fund Developer, B Labs

“As a facilitator Cortina includes every person in the conversation.  I am impressed with her savvy delivered with authenticity.  If you need someone who comes ready and understands the big picture, Cortina can help you.” Evelyn Asher

Consultant & Strategy Expert, The Managing Director

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The SOLEIL Collective (“SOLEIL” – School of Leadership, Equality & Innovative Learning) is a grassroots cooperative that catalyzes sustainable solutions to social and organizational challenges on local and global scales using facilitation, training, creative writing and branding. The SOLEIL Collective provides education, information, support and advocacy for everyone who believes in the value of authenticity in enhancing quality of life. Our aim is to encourage development of changemakers as catalysts in their own lives.

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