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an American-made apparel line designed to make statements, spark conversations, and write a new narrative for fashion.


More Than Just a T-Shirt.

Dress to make progress is our tagline because we believe in the power of how we adorn ourselves to shape how we feel about ourselves, the message we send to others, and therefore make a positive impact on collective conscious thought about groups of people that have traditionally been marginalized. 20% of net sales are donated to social justice movements and community causes in need of greater awareness and deeper support. Specifically, we like to put our dollars behind education, art, affordable housing, racial equity, social entrepreneurship, wellness, and nutrition.

Afrilatchya Collection

The Afrilatchya line is dedicated to creating positive, uplifting messages by and for Black America.  Within this line, you will find a collection dedicated to the #blacklivesmatter movement and those having conversations and addressing the inequity towards Black America as well as positive affirmations for boys, girls, natural folk and other kin. 

Note: Although the collection is divided into youth, men/unisex, and femme – we honor all the ways in which folks may choose to adorn themselves. Categories are used for size purposes only here, shop in whichever section brings you joy!

Youth Collection

Femme Collection

Men/Unisex Collection

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