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How It Works

Gain next level impact by developing the people and systems that keep your business/organization flowing – from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.  The delivery, outcome and pace will depend on your unique needs, but may include some iteration of:

  • Phase One – Telling Your Story & Crafting Your Personal Mission Statement
  • Phase Two – Connecting to Higher Creativity & Work/Life Balance
  • Phase Three – Discovering Your Unique Communication, Learning, Leadership & Management Styles
  • Phase Four – Journey to Authenticity – a Wellness Retreat (at location of our choosing that meets your goals/needs)
  • Phase Five – Systems of Support

*This program can be delivered in person or virtual depending on your needs.  Keep in mind that if we are working digitally, you must have regular access to Skype, Google Drive and the internet for this to be effective.

*Want to inquire about something not listed here?  Please send me a message and let’s connect!



Cooperative Community. Collective Change.

School of Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Innovative Learning (SOLEIL) is a cooperative learning community that catalyzes sustainable solutions to social needs using creative facilitation, workshops, training, placed-based retreats and online seminars to help today’s changemakers squad up and skill up. SOLEIL provides education, development, advocacy and support for students of all ages who believe in the power of authenticity on the individual level and action-taking on the community level. Although SOLEIL was founded in Asheville, NC it is a global network of educators, facilitators, trainers, tutors, wellness practitioners, healers, activists, millennials, and families that seek positive change for their lives, communities and the planet.

The mission of SOLEIL is to reach and teach changemakers and leaders from communities at risk of erasing the story of natives, people of color and LGBTQA folx from the collective narrative. We seek to catalyze equitable opportunities for diverse groups to participate in transformational experiences and develop business ideas that can break cycles of poverty and address the trauma of invisibility. 

The vision of SOLEIL is a world in which all people have access to an education that grows and develops their wholistic, authentic Self.

How It Works

  • Students apply to the program of their choice. At present, only a 1 year place-based program is being offered. In the near future, SOLEIL will offer a 2- to 4-year programs in addition to retreats of various lengths and online seminars.
  • Students select courses and learning facilitators during enrollment and are invited to participate in an orientation before the program launches. High school students are encouraged to apply and consider time at SOLEIL as a gap year before enrolling in a college/university elsewhere.
  • Students undergo a rigorous, highly-involved program meeting twice monthly for 8 months; and working with the support team on re-entry for the following 4 months. Other platforms of engagement are accessible after a full 12-month cycle in the program.
  • Curriculum and all syllabi are sent to student prior to start of class. Required readings may include The Artist’s Way, The Four Agreements, Big Magic, The Covenant with Black America, and other books + facilitation manuals.
  • Students can expect to complete the program with a life design plan; a robust library of books on self-help, culture, spirituality, cultural studies, cultural anthropology, language arts, humanities, art and personal development; a team for re-entry support and a go-to list for community resources in times of need; access to a scholarship fund for future endeavors; and invitation to networking events where other alumni, friends, supporters and thought leaders will be present.

Curriculum & Learning Modules

  • Month 1 – The Journey of Curiosity
  • Month 2 – The Journey of Life & Living
  • Month 3 – The Journey of Health & Purity
  • Month 4 – The Journey of Creativity
  • Month 5 – The Journey of Love & Evolution
  • Month 6 – The Journey of Communication
  • Month 7 – The Journey of Vision & Awareness
  • Month 8 – The Journey of Authenticity
  • Month 9 – Re-Entry: Integration
  • Month 10 – Re-Entry: Education
  • Month 11 – Re-Entry: Implementation
  • Month 12 – Re-Entry: Collaboration*

*After participating in the program for 12 months, students can choose to either complete the program at the Innovator Level (Year 1) or cycle through continuously for a deeper understanding of the content until the Mastery Level (Year 4) is reached.

Facilitators Wanted

  • Individuals from around the globe are invited to apply for SOLEIL’s open call for learning facilitator proposals.
  • All proposals and supplemental documentation for the 2018-2019 academic year are due by December 31, 2017 at 11:59pm (EST). No late proposals can be accepted.
  • The review committee will submit decision letters to all applicants by February 14, 2017 at 5pm (EST).
  • Accepted learning facilitators will be brought on for a 1 year term as independent contractors with SOLEIL. Terms may be renewed for up to 3 additional terms.  Click below to get in touch about submitting your proposal!

Learning By Your Standards

None of us learned how to think outside the box in school. But here, we live outside the box. We are seeking facilitators, instructors, educators, artists, trainers and curriculum designers NOW!  Want to join the team?

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