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Mission Statement

My personal mission is to shift community, business and organizational culture by placing a high value on authenticity.  I seek to celebrate differences as bridge(s) to connection and innate creativity – especially related to human resources, business development, communications, branding, learning and community organizing/building. 

Vision Statement 

To live in a world in which individuals, businesses and organizations create sustainable solutions from a place of authenticity and holistic integration of a healthy system.

The SOLEIL Collective

The SOLEIL Collective (“SOLEIL” – School of Leadership, Equality & Innovative Learning) is a grassroots cooperative that catalyzes sustainable solutions to social and organizational challenges on local and global scales using facilitation, training, creative writing and branding. The SOLEIL Collective provides education, information, support and advocacy for everyone who believes in the value of authenticity in enhancing quality of life. Our aim is to encourage the development changemakers as catalysts in their own lives.



  • Curiosity. Uphold curiosity for the world in which I a seeking to change.
  • Culture. Willingness to learn and share my story while encouraging loving cross-pollination with the greater Collective.
  • Communication. Communicate with openness, honesty and transparency above all else.
  • Community. Commitment to being the change in which we wish to see in the world.
  • Connection. Utilizing the tools/resources as necessary to blaze new trails or secure pre-existing ones.
  • Creativity. Strive to create a culture of authenticity.


How Cortina Can Help

Creative Facilitation

How It Works

In addition to holding a Masters of Arts in Management & Leadership, my creative facilitation work is also influenced greatly by Partners for Youth Empowerment’s Global (PYE Global) Certification Program in Creative Facilitation.  Invite perspective from your organization, business, team or community together for an action-oriented dialogue held with intention and play with Creative Facilitation. Here are topics and audiences that I have offered creative facilitation work for in the recent past: 

  • Educational Program & Curriculum Design
  • Safe-Zone Training & Certification
  • Anti-Bullying Workshops
  • Diversity, Equity & Cultural Awareness Training
  • Social Justice Programming & Integration for Music & Arts Festivals; Conferences; and Retreats
  • Organizational Culture & Systems
  • Professional Development & Life Design for Groups


*Want to inquire about something not listed here?  Please send me a message and let’s connect!

Design & Branding

How It Works

Launching a startup?  Or been in business for 3+ years?  Not sure how to engage your target market besides using traditional approaches?  Let’s talk!  Bring your website, branding and messaging into alignment with your authentic vision and mission with a special focus on connecting with Millennials.  Following a FREE 30-minute consultation, we will go through an iteration of the following phases together to design and implement a plan that works best for your brand, business, organization or community:

  • Phase One – Strengths & Opportunities
  • Phase Two – Roadmap Design
  • Phase Three – Organizational Structure | Internal Systems of Management
  • Phase Four – Communications & Branding (i.e. Web Design; Graphic Design; SEO; Advertising; etc)
  • Phase Five – Implementation & Evaluation
  • Phase Six – Public Relations, Brand Ambassadors & Training Development

Projects involving some iteration of design work will vary depending on your unique needs, but may include: 

  • Logo Design 
  • Web Design and/or Upgrades (with a noted proficiency and trust in WordPress) 
  • Messaging & Language 
  • Business & Technical Writing 
  • Manual, Handbook and Guidebook Design
  • Update Pre-Existing Apps & Technology w/ Your Branding


*Want to inquire about something not listed here?  Please send me a message and let’s connect!

Authentic Life Design℠

How It Works

Using my training, experiences and research my Authentic Life Design℠ will take you on a collaborative journey to conduct a personal inventory in order to design the life most in line with your purpose, passion and vision.  This process may confirm the journey you’re already on or result in a course correction, either way – you deserve to be living a life that makes you happy and you don’t have to get there alone. During a FREE 30-minute consultation, we’ll go more into program specifics and determine if the proper support system is in place for you to begin.  Over a period of several weeks, we will go through the following phases of development together:

  • Phase One – Telling Your Story & Crafting Your Personal Mission Statement
  • Phase Two – Connecting to Higher Creativity & Work/Life Balance
  • Phase Three – Discovering Your Unique Communication, Learning, Leadership & Management Styles
  • Phase Four – Journey to Authenticity – a Wellness Retreat (at location of our choosing that meets your goals/needs)
  • Phase Five – Systems of Support

*This program can be delivered in person or virtual depending on your needs.  Keep in mind that if we are working digitally, you must have regular access to Skype, Google Drive and the internet for this to be effective.

*Want to inquire about something not listed here?  Please send me a message and let’s connect!

Authentic Leadership

How It Works

Gain next level impact by developing the people and systems that keep your business/organization flowing – from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.  The delivery, outcome and pace will depend on your unique needs, but may include some iteration of:

  • Telling Your Story
  • EnVisioning Your Authentic Life
  • Branding
  • Systems Approach in Micro, Mezzo & Macro Settings 
  • Leadership Workshops, Retreats & Sessions for Organizations/Businesses
  • Rites of Passage & Homecoming Celebrations
  • Training (may be in collab w/): Art of Facilitation; Southern Leadership Jam; Mycelium; Leadership Asheville and others!


*Upon request, this program can be delivered to groups of students (high school to college age), young professionals, existing leadership groups, non-profits, artists, entrepreneurs, educators and community groups. 

*Want to inquire about something not listed here?  Please send me a message and let’s connect!